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Our church is 200 years old, our thinking is not.

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Attention confirmands and parents, this year (2017) I will not be in Greensburg during the Sunday School hour.  In order to fulfill the Confirmation requirements, we are teaming up with several other churches to offer a unique alternative.  We will have four after-church sessions at several churches in our area.  Each session will begin with lunch at noon followed by a program lead by one of our participating pastors.


Confirmands from First Reformed will be required to attend three out of four of the classes to be held on November 5, 2017, January 14, 2018, February 11, 2018, and March 11, 2018.  Please note, these four classes will replace the normal eight sessions of the confirmation year.  Attendance at these classes will give each confirmand credit for the full year.


We have one other voluntary opportunity for each confirmand.  On April 14 & 15 the Penn West Conference is organizing an educational trip to the United Church of Christ Church House (Our Headquarters) in Cleveland Ohio.  We will tour the Church House and take a side trip to a downtown attraction.  This is a wonderful to see how our denomination functions.  We will also worship on Sunday morning in the historic Amistad Chapel.  More details will be shared after the first of the year.


God Bless You!

Pastor Steve.


Confirmation Plan

           The Rite of Confirmation has been a part of our Christian tradition for over four centuries.  In 1563 the Heidelberg Catechism was written to instruct young believers in the basics of the faith.  The Catechism became known as confirmation for the German Reformed folks. The information and curriculum has grown and adapted to the needs of an ever-changing church.  The goal of confirmation has remained the steadfast education of our young people from child observers and learners into full participating members of the church and disciples of Jesus Christ.  I believe our willingness to keep the core tenets of our faith and present them in a fresh and understandable way has continued to make confirmation an essential tool in our church discipleship.

           Our current Confirmation is divided into several subjects and activities.  Each of these will be assigned a credit value. Confirmands must earn the required number of credits to complete the program.  Each student aged ten and above can begin to take the classes necessary to be confirmed.  The new process will take three years minimum to complete.  Each year the students will have the opportunity to take three classes in the program for a total of six credits. 

           The goal of this plan to increase participation in Sunday School and overall church involvement.  To that end each student will need to earn three more credits by participating in worship and other activities such as dinners and the summer picnic.  Each school year a student does one of these things they earn one credit.



Trinity: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit       2credits: 
Bible: Old and New Testament            2credits: 

Sacraments: Communion & Baptism    2credits: 

Old Testament                                          2credits:                  

New Testament                                        2credits: 

Lent & Easter & Pentecost                     2credits: 



Stewardship                                             2credits
UCC history and polity                           2credits 

Church history                                         2credits 



ANY YEAR: Confirmation Enrichment Experiences--2 credits required.  Each event is worth two credits.


EACH YEAR:  Service as acolyte, usher, worship reader or receptionist at least six times will be required each year earning one credit per year.


ANY YEAR: Participation in the music program or committee support (i.e. Fellowship Committee) will earn one credit per year.


ALL YEARS:  One credit will be granted each Sunday School Year for regular attendance.  Regular attendance will be defined as a minimum of sixteen Sundays of the available Sunday School days.


ONE CREDIT will be granted for an approved service project in our congregation.


FOUR CREDITS will be awarded for watching several videos.  Students will watch the videos and complete worksheets. 
A total of
thirty-four credits will be required for Confirmation. This program is designed to be completed in three years; however students may require more time to earn the needed credits.  


Thank You.

Pastor Steve.

Sunday School (Faith Formation) and Confirmation